Yellow/Green Mini-sled Christmas Ornaments for Football Fans

Yellow/Green Mini-sled Christmas Ornaments for Football Fans

I love these cute yellow and green mini-sled Christmas ornaments for football fans. They come in packs of 4 and they are made of resin.

This is one holiday decoration that I would love to have.

I had a similar one that I made a few years back. But it was a wooden and unpainted one that I bought from a craft store. After painting it, I put an inscription on it: "I brake for Brett Favre #4." It was a funny craft. Everyone who saw it was really amused.

I live in Wisconsin and of course, I adore the Green Bay Packers. I love everything about the Packers. There’s no doubt about this―I’m a Cheese Head! ;)

This pack is a great holiday addition to my Packer collection. This would surely look great to hang on our tree. By the way, this is a great gift idea too―to give away to a Cheese Head! They would truly be delighted. Packs for other NFL teams are also available.

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