How to Make a Marvelous Deco Mesh Christmas Tree with a Tomato Cage – Video DIY Tutorial

How to Make a Marvelous Deco Mesh Christmas Tree Tomato Cage Video TutorialHere’s a video tutorial for you on how to make a marvelous deco mesh Christmas tree with a tomato cage.

Yes, I’m talking about that vegetable wire frame in your garden! Such a lovely ingenious idea for recycling things at home. You will see the finished one in the video―it is so cute!

I love making crafts by re-using rustic materials which are already available at home. But in this craft, the wire is hidden throughout. The rustic beauty is covered.

My husband loves to plant this vegetable around the house. He even planted them in our flower garden. This is the only vegetable that grows well in our property. The other vegetables grow so sickly in our poor soil that my husband’s magic green thumbs don’t even work. 😉

So we had several of these vegetable wire frames around the house. This is another item at my house where every time I see it in our backyard, my crafty brain is telling me that it can be used in a very creative way. But somehow, I just couldn’t figure it out.

But then I became so thrilled when I saw this tutorial in YouTube!

There are several video tutorials on how to make this deco mesh tree, but I picked this one because I like it the best. The finished project is so heavenly. I love the glowing light that it gives off.

I am really looking forward to create one this coming Christmas. Hopefully, I won’t be too busy or just plain lazy 😉

Find the tutorial and the list of supplies below. I have also included the video timestamps for your easy reference.

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Instructions

0:23 – 57
First, gather the top ends of the tomato cage or frame so that they will come together and make a nice cone shape. Then use the pipe cleaners to tie the ends together.

0:58 – 2:02
Line the frame with Christmas lights (either colored or clear) starting from the bottom. Start tying at the very first light.

2:04 – 3:06
Gather the end of the poly roll and start tying it to the back of the frame with the pipe cleaner where the light plug is.

3:07 – 4:45
Make another gathering of poly roll, about 12 inches from the first one you made, then tie. Then push it towards the first gathering so that it will create a loop or poof. Repeat the process to go around the bottom of the tree. When you’re done working on the bottom part, poof out the loops and make sure that the poof will be distributed evenly. Make sure your tree sits comfortably after poofing out the bottom part or the first layer.

4:46 – 6:18
Move to the next level by twisting your poly roll 2 times and tying it to the stand that connects the rings. Repeat this twisting method until you’re done filling this midsection.

6:20 – 8:10
Lay the frame down and continue making poofs to the next ring, same as you did on the bottom ring. Don’t be afraid when you are finishing the last end of the first roll. Just make a poof, tie it, and tuck it in.

8:11 – 10:00
Fill the next midsection by twisting the poly roll as you did in the first midsection.

Continue working with the poly roll until you reach the very last ring on the top.

10:00 – 12:35
Finish the top ring with poofs. Then switch to twisting the poly roll as you fill in all the way up to the very top of the frame. Enclose the tip of the frame with the end of the poly roll and fasten it with a piece of pipe cleaner.

12:38 – 13:33
Poof the loops to fill in the spaces and hide the pipe cleaners.

See the lighted finished project.

This is such a very simple project to do. The finished project looks so heavenly when it’s lighted at night. Your neighbors will be so impressed to see your creation. They would never thought that it’s made with a tomato cage.

I would rather have 3 poly rolls on hand for this project. Just in case, I might need some to fill in the gaps and also to cover the white pipe cleaners.

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