How to Make a White Feather Tabletop Christmas Tree

How to Make a White Feather Tabletop Christmas TreeDo you love those white Christmas trees that you see in store displays? If your answer is yes, then I have another quick and easy DIY tutorial for you on how to make a white feather tabletop Christmas tree.

During the holidays, every time I see these white trees with lights in the stores, they just mesmerize me. I love their white glow.

Yes, I have a fake white Christmas tree at home. I love to see it when it’s decorated with non-flickering blue lights.

Lately, we often use our white tree during Christmas because we no longer have a way to get a live one.

We used to use a live Christmas tree every year, and because my husband hated throwing away the tree after Christmas was over, he would replant the tree instead. For him, it was a waste to let the tree grow for a few years and then throw it away when the holidays were over.

So this year, I have my usual white fake tree in the living room, but I will have this adorable white feather tabletop tree too.

If you will be shopping for the craft supplies, it might be better to pick a 100% cotton material for the batting. A polyester material might melt when it is used with hot glue.

Below, you will find the video tutorial and the timestamps included in the written instructions.

How-to Video Tutorial: White Feather Tabletop Christmas Tree Craft

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Instructions

1:41 – 3:02 . . . Hide the cardboard by wrapping the cone with the batting and sticking it on with hot glue. The wrapping doesn’t need to look perfect. Make sure that the cone is fully covered. Trim any excess with scissors.

3:03 – 4:02 . . . Starting from the bottom, hot glue the feather boa to the cone and press down lightly so that you won’t burn your fingers. After a few seconds, press the feather down firmly. Continue doing so around the cone, making your way towards the top.

4:03 – 4:36 . . . When you reach the top, cut the boa and leave enough to cover the tip of the cone. Apply a generous amount of hot glue and press down the boa firmly until the glue dries so that the feather won’t unravel.

My Holiday Thoughts

This decorative tree is very easy, simple, and quick to make. You might even want to make more for your friends and co-workers, too.

Set on top of glass pedestals with varying heights, they would look so elegant on your table at home or desk at work.

Oh, that just gave me the idea to start looking for glass pedestals at Goodwill.

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