Vintage Mini Christmas Ornaments for TableTop Trees

Vintage Mini Christmas Ornaments for TableTop Trees

This set of vintage mini Christmas ornaments for tabletop trees consist of 9 different well-made holiday designs.

The size of each adornment is only about 1" x 1". These teeny decors are made of resin. Their size is perfect to decorate a small tabletop tree at home.

You will be excited to adorn your mini-tree and display it on your desk at work. They would also look great incorporated into your wreath hanging on your door or wall in your kitchen or living room.

Each ornament is painted on both sides with a design that has a weathered rustic paint finish. Each one has a natural string hanger so that you can easily hang them.

They are great for those who would like to have a country style for their holiday decor.

This would also be perfect for my daughter's tiny tree on her desk at her home office. And also great for my youngest daughter for her mini-Christmas tree in her dorm.

I love their rustic look and they are absolutely adorable!

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