Lighted Rattan Natural Star for Christmas TreeTopper

Lighted Rattan Natural Star for Christmas TreeTopper

This lighted rattan natural star for Christmas treetopper is truly a simple but elegant addition to the top of your tree.

It is made of rattan, or palm twigs, so it looks so natural and rough, but beautiful and lovely.

It is wrapped in brown wire with 10 light bulbs for lighting. It comes with a 60-inch brown cord with a plug at the end so that you can connect it to a string of lights or plug into your outlet. It also comes with 4 extra bulbs and 1 fuse. The size is about 10" high and 10" wide.

The treetopper is 2 sided. The lights are placed in the middle so that they can be seen from both sides. The lights don’t flicker--they stay on all the time and give off a warm glow.

It's light in weight, so the tree branch that holds it won't bend.

To install, you insert the star spike into the dark colored cone that comes with it so that it will sit nicely on your tree. Some users received their star without a cone, but they easily tied it with a twist tie, thin wire, or green wire (used for hanging ornaments) to the top stem. If the cone doesn't stay put, the users simply tied it to the top stem. Others put a non-drying clay or play dough into the cone so that it will stand up straight.

This looks great on a 4-6 foot green tree, but not on a white one. This is perfect for those who would like to have woodland-themed Christmas decor.

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