Lighted Christmas Angel TreeTopper for Ornament Collectors

Lighted Christmas Angel TreeTopper for Ornament Collectors

This lighted Christmas angel treetopper is a must have for ornament collectors like me. For me, a Christmas tree without it looks incomplete.


‎❥ It stands 9 inches tall.
‎❥ It is dressed with Ivory and Gold fabric.
‎❥ The head is made of plastic, but it looks like ceramic or porcelain.
‎❥ The wings have real-looking feathers.
‎❥ It has 10 small lights (unfortunately it's not LED) which can be lighted by plugging the cord into a wall outlet or extension cord.
‎❥ The electrical cord is white and has a 110v 2-prong plug.
‎❥ It also comes with 3 spare light bulbs and a fuse.
‎❥ It has a light weight and will sit nicely on top of your 4-feet to 6-feet tree.

When my mother-in-law used to go to craft shows, she loved stopping at the booths with angelic crafts. During the holidays, her tree had to have one on the top. This would be perfect for her.

Angels are one of the heavenly agencies appointed by God to influence us to do right and to protect us from the evil ones. It's very comforting to see it in this precious time as we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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