How to Make a Really Cute Snowman Ornament Craft DIY Tutorial

How to Make a Really Cute Snowman Ornament Craft DIY TutorialToday in this quick and easy DIY tutorial, I am going to show you how to make this really cute snowman ornament craft. You will surely love them.

I can’t wait for Christmas to come so that I can make this project. They are just totally awesome!

Helpful Crafting Tips

Well, I have a few craft tips that I would like to share with you. I hope they are helpful for you.

This project needs paints. Puffy paints are preferable to use. I prefer to use them because they have pointy tips and make it so easy to apply the paint. Most of the time using a regular paintbrush is not needed—and it’s one less thing to wash.

For making dots for the eyes, mouth, and/or nose: If you have regular acrylic paints for crafts, you may use a craft stylus, the pointy tip of a regular pencil, or the tip of a small paint brush. Sometimes I use toothpicks or bamboo skewers.

When I used to do crafts, I loved putting blushes on the cheeks. It brightened my project and my spirit as well. Putting a blush makes the craft cuter.

For applying the blush, I used Q-tips. Dip the Q-tip into the acrylic paint and apply to cheeks by dabbing several times.

For the nose, I would use a stylus. A stylus has 2 ends: one end has a larger tip and the other end has a smaller tip. I would dip the larger tip into the orange paint and apply the dots to the face of my project. Then I used the smaller tip to pull the dot outwards to create a pointy nose :^)

In this tutorial, I have also added the video timestamp for easy viewing. See below for the list of supplies needed and fun instructions.

How-to Video Craft Tutorial: Snowman Christmas Ornament

Supplies Needed

Step by Step Instructions

0:43 – 1:17 . . . Remove the cap from the ornament and fill it with styrofoam balls (or glitter) all the way to the top with the use of a funnel for easy filling. Then put back the cap onto the ornament. Make sure it is closed tightly.


1:19 – 2:18 . . . Ear muffs: Hot glue the pipe cleaner and one pompom to one side. Push them down and wait until the glue dries. Hot glue the other end of the pipe cleaner and a pompom to the other side of the ornament.

Face Details:

2:19 – 2:24 . . . Eyes: Put 2 dots using black puffy paint for eyes.

2:25 – 2:36 . . . Mouth: Dot with black puffy paint.

2:37 – 2:46 . . . Cheeks: Apply pink paint for blush.

2:47 – 2:56 . . . Nose: Use a small flat brush to apply orange paint.

My Holiday Thoughts:

This is a very easy DIY craft to make, and it’s so cute too. Make plenty of them for your own Christmas tree, or gift them to friends and loved ones.

If you have kids, this is a great homemade gift idea that they can make for their teachers and relatives. Adults have to assist and supervise them when using the hot glue gun.

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