Best LED Outdoor Christmas Lights

Best LED Outdoor Christmas LightsAre you looking forward to decorate your yard with the best LED outdoor Christmas lights? Well, I am too.

These lights are getting very popular nowadays. More and more people are using them because they are more energy efficient.

Since they have little to no heat, they won’t burn your fingers when you touch them because they are cool to touch. This is safe for those who have kids at home. You know, kids are curious and they want to touch everything.

When it first came out, it was an expensive thing to buy. Thankfully, since there’s a high demand of it, the price is lower now. Consumers are now switching to use them over the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Of course, their price is still higher when you compare them to the incandescent ones. But they consume very little energy, so in the long run you are saving more. They even last up to 25 times longer than the traditional one.

I always want to have an outdoor display of them in our yard. It’s wonderful to have a bright glow outside the home during the holidays. But my husband would say to me: “no money burning.” I think I have a Grinch in my house. ;)

But actually, I’ve been “burning money” every night. Because, when the light is on, it puts me to sleep right away (some health concern of mine.)

Upon knowing the availability and the benefits of using them, I think this year I can start decorating my yard with them.

I already talked to my husband yesterday and he agreed ―Yay! I think I will put him to work because I am not sure about how to wire stuff. It’s going to be fun. ;) I am excited and looking forward to it.

So I started my hunt and these are my criteria for finding the best LED lights:

. . . They can be used for both indoor places and outdoor areas.
. . . The customers have rated them highly.
. . . Of course, they are affordable so that my husband won’t complain. ;)
. . . The bulbs have long lifetime hours so that it can be reused for several holiday seasons.
. . . Also, they are connectable from end to end, so they can be displayed in wider areas or be made more bright.

I have found out in my search that the bulbs’ lifetime is shorter when the string has more bulbs per foot, and the bulb size is bigger.

I have also included a quick glance of each product's features for easy reference.

Are you excited ? See my finds below:

Home Accents Holiday LED Outdoor Multi-Color Christmas Lights
Home Accents Holiday LED Outdoor Multi-Color Christmas Lights

Here's a quick glance:
. . . Length: 18.6 feet
. . . Number of bulbs per foot: 3
. . . Estimated lifetime hours: 25,000
. . . Linkable: up to 43 sets

This set has 50 bright and vibrant multi-color dome-style bulbs and comes with a green wire cord. The bulbs are very tiny - about 1/8-inch in diameter and 1/8-inch long. The bulb and socket are about 1 1/8-inch long.

The overall length is 18.6 feet, with the lighted section being 16.3 feet. There are approximately 3 bulbs per foot.

The length of the strand is short and the bulb size is very tiny, so you will enjoy the bulb’s estimated lifetime of 25,000 hours.

I like this because I can connect up to 43 sets, which would be perfect for my long fence by the driveway that borders our property.

In my collection this strand has the shortest length; I might also wrap my mail box with it.

There are 2 spare bulbs included in the box for replacement.

Warm White Novelty Mini LED Outdoor Lights for Christmas
Warm White Novelty Mini LED Outdoor Lights for Christmas

Quick glance:
. . . Length: 50 feet
. . . Number of bulbs per foot: 2
. . . Estimated lifetime hours: 40,000
. . . Linkable: up to 21 sets

This set’s light color is warm white with green wire cord.

This set is commercial grade, so it’s very sturdy. The bulbs appear to flicker because of the wavy housing material.

The length of the string is 50 feet with 100 bulbs. For every foot there are 2 bulbs. Therefore, you will enjoy the estimated life of 40,000 hours.

If you want more brightness, on one plug you can connect up to 21 sets (a total of 1050 feet long).

I did wonder, though, why this set doesn’t come with extra bulbs for replacement. I found out that the bulbs are non-removable so it doesn’t make sense to have extra bulbs for replacement. Since it is not removable, this eliminates failures from loose, broken, or removed bulbs. But it comes with 2 extra fuses for replacements.

Weatherproof Strawberry Maxinda LED Christmas Décor
Weatherproof Strawberry Maxinda LED Christmas Décor

Quick glance:
. . . Length: 18 feet
. . . Number of bulbs per foot: 3
. . . Estimated lifetime hours: 3,000
. . . Linkable: up to 80 strands

This is a multi-color set that has green wire cord.

The bulb has a harder shell to prevent from crushing while you display it outside.

Bulb dimension:
. . . Height: 3/4 inch
. . . Width: 7/16 inch

The strand has 50 bulbs and has a length of 18 feet. There are approximately 3 bulbs per foot.

In my selection this has the least lifetime in number of hours ― it has 3,000 hours. Reason: There are more bulbs in every foot and the bulb size is not as tiny as the 1st, 2nd and 4th items in my list.

Do you have a wider area to cover? Then this set is excellent for your needs because you can connect up to 80 strands from end to end.

This comes with an extra two mini led bulbs for replacement in the box.

MZD8391 Super Sturdy Christmas Lights with LED Outdoor Bulbs
MZD8391 Super Sturdy Christmas Lights with LED Outdoor Bulbs

Quick glance:
. . . Length: 66 feet
. . . Number of bulbs per foot: 3
. . . Estimated lifetime hours: 5,000
. . . Linkable: up to 10 sets

The tiny bulbs of this string give a nice, steady, bright, and warm white glow. If one of the bulbs won’t work, the others will stay lit.

This strand is sturdy and durable because it is made of strong insulated thick copper core wire.

The length of the strand is 66 feet long with 200 bulbs. The number of bulbs per foot is approximately 3 bulbs.

Since the strand is very long and has more bulbs per foot, it has a lifespan of 5,000 hours. The lifetime is not very long compared to the first 2 in my list.

As you can see, the length of a strand is very long. It can be aggravating when the string gets tangled. Fortunately, this product has a special feature. You will have no worries when it gets tangled, all you have to do is just stretch it out and shake it gently for a few minutes.

If you want to have a brighter display or if you need to cover a very large area you can link up to 10 sets of strands.

Also, since the strand is very long, you don’t need to buy more sets if the area (such as a porch) you want to cover is wide.

The box includes 3 spare extra bulbs for replacement and 1 spare fuse.

G4O Globe String LED Outdoor Christmas Lights
G4O Globe String LED Outdoor Christmas Lights

Quick glance:
. . . Length: 17 feet
. . . Number of bulbs per foot: 3 bulbs for every 2 feet
. . . Estimated lifetime hours: 10,000
. . . Linkable: up to 82 strands

This set comes with vibrant, multi-color bulbs. It has smooth frosted and globe-style bulbs.

The bulb size dimension:
. . . Height: 2 ¼ inches
. . . Width: 1 ½ inches

The cover of the bulb is removable but the bulb itself is non-removable.

The length is 17 feet long with a green wire cord, and it comes with 25 bulbs. There are 3 bulbs for every 2 feet. So you will enjoy the bulbs’ 10,000 hours of life.

The string is connectable for up to 82 strands. So it is very helpful if you are going to display them in wider places.

This is a commercial grade strand with sturdy construction. The manufacturer has specified that their bulbs are unbreakable. This could be the reason that replacement bulbs are not included in the box. But the package includes 2 fuses for replacement.

I think this would be cute to wrap around on our lamp post outside. I am also thinking of hanging them to our Japanese red maple tree near our doorstep.

I never had a globe-style bulb for holiday decoration and I am looking forward to trying this.

So, from my list I’m excited to try 2 items: the first one and the last one―I love multi-colored lights.

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