How to Make a Quick and Easy Deco Mesh Angel Tutorial

How to Make a Quick and Easy Deco Mesh Angel TutorialI love angels. Are you an angel collector? If yes, you will love this tutorial on how to make a quick and easy DIY Christmas deco mesh angel. When it comes to Christmas and making crafts — angels are my favorite items to have and to make. This craft is so easy to make. Also, this project doesn’t need a lot of supplies. In this tutorial I have also included the video time stamp so that it would be easy for you to follow the instruction. You can scroll down and find the list of the materials needed and the step-by-step instructions in making this craft. And by the way, you also need to be patient in working this project. The mesh will stay curled. Also, when handling the mesh pieces be gentle so that the edges won’t unravel.

Supplies Needed

Christmas Decorative Mesh
Silver Christmas Ball Ornament
3 pcs of white pipe cleaners (or wire or chenille stems) scissors ribbon, red low-temp glue gun glue sticks

Step by Step Instructions

2:28 – 3:40 . . . Cut 12 pcs of deco mesh: 12″ long 3:42 – 5:12 . . . Stretch the deco mesh 2 corners outwards: top left corner and bottom right corner. After stretching each deco mesh let one of your hands hold the mesh together in the center – leaving them stacked. 5:15 – 5:58 . . . Wings and Neck: Tie the gathered deco mesh in the middle with a pipe cleaner. The midddle is the neck of the angel. Don’t cut the excess wire – this will be used for hanger. The excess wire should be on the back of the angel’s wings. 6:00 – 6:57 . . . Angel’s Skirt: Bring down the bottom 6 pieces from each side of the wire. The top pieces are the wings. 6:58 – 8:00 . . . About an inch below the wire, tie it with another pipe cleaner at the back. Cut the excess wire. 8:02 – 9:30 . . . Angel’s Head: Remove the cap of the Christmas ornament ball, put hot glue on the tip of the ornament and stick it on top of the angel’s neck. Hold for a few seconds until the hot glue dries. 9:32 – 12:08 . . . Bow: Make a bow with the red ribbon and set aside. Cut another piece of ribbon, fold over on the center and apply hot glue on the back and stick it on the angel’s neck. Hot glue inside the fold. Then, hot glue the red bow on top. 12:09 – 13:01 . . . Angel’s Halo: Take the last pipe cleaner and make a loop then hot glue to the back of the angel’s head. Cut the excess wire. 13:02 – 13:11 . . . Hanger: Twist both ends of the first pipe cleaner that we attached to the angel. 13:13 . . . Finishing touch: Trim off the ends of the ribbon with V-cut.

This project is very easy and quick to make. You will love to make a lot of them for your holiday decor and also to give away. In fact, I am planning to make some of these lovely angels to decorate my church lobby.

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